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  • Snacky Dogs snacks contain fruits vegetables legumes seeds and love. They do not contain icky by-products, unnecessary preservatives or hate.

About Snacky Packs

Each Snacky Pack is stuffed with a fun assortment of freshly hand made snacks made from human grade ingredients. We use organic ingredients when available and source locally whenever possible. Our whole food based treats and snacks do not contain preservatives, artificial dyes or colors, or artificial flavors. Choose between Vegan (no animal ingredients), Vegetarian (may contain eggs, dairy, and/or honey), or the Omnivore (anything goes)! We can customize your Snacky Pack to accommodate any dietary issue, just let us know when ordering!

Snacky Pack FAQ

About Snacky Packs Subscriptions:

How do I start a subscription to Snacky Packs?

ŸJust click on the one you want, add to cart, complete the shipping and billing and info and BAM! Bob’s your uncle!

How much does it cost to subscribe to Snacky Packs?

Only $20.00 per month with free shipping. Pre-paid six and twelve month subscriptions are also available.

I just subscribed to Snacky Packs, what happens next?

Congratulations! You’ll be receiving your first Snacky Pack any minute now! Well, okay, we haven’t quite got the kinks worked on the snack teleportation device but look for an email and tracking number when your Snacky Pack ships on or around the 15th of the month.

Can I cancel my Snacky Pack subscription?

Yep! You can cancel your Snacky Pack subscription at any time. We hope you won’t but we understand sometimes things happen.

Can I return my Snacky Pack?

We want you and your dog to be 100% happy with your Snacky Pack! If you have a problem with any of the snacks in your Snacky Packs please contact us at hello@snackydogs.com and we will work with you to get smiles back on both your faces.

About the Snacks in my Snacky Pack:

What kinds of snacks are included in Snacky Packs?

You’ll receive an assortment of 3-5 snacks (approximately 2-5 ounces each) in each Snacky Pack. Our range of snacks includes cookies, crackers, vegetable chews, fruit leathers, energy bars, flavored popcorn, ice “cream” and more!

Can people eat the snacks in Snacky Pack?

Well they could, we do use only human grade ingredients, but our snacks are customized to the canine palate so human’s might not find them all that tasty. Liver Dusted Air-popped Corn anyone? No seriously, we want to clearly state that our products are dog snacks, are not for human consumption, and are only to be used as supplementary feeding. But you already knew that, right?

What if my dog has allergies or dietary restrictions?

Don’t worry! Snacky Packs are available in Vegan, Vegetarian, or Omnivore versions and we are happy to further customize your Snacky Pack as needed. Just let us know when you order or by email at hello@snackydogs.com.

Are any of the snacks made in China?

Nope! All of our snacks are made right here in beautiful downtown Chandler, Arizona.

What ingredients are/are not in Snacky Pack snacks?

All Snacky Dog Snacks are hand made in small batches from human quality ingredients. Locally sourced and/or organic whenever possible. Our minimally processed snacks contain fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains and seeds. Some snacks also contain eggs, dairy, and meat. Snacky Dog Snacks do not contain any artificial colors or dyes, artificial flavorings, or preservatives. 


When will I be billed for my Snacky Pack subscription?

You will be billed for your first Snacky Pack when you order. For each subsequent month in your subscription, your card will be charged 1-7 business days before we ship your Snacky Pack which is on or around the 15th of every month.

How do I change or update my billing information?

You can easily change or update your billing information by logging into your Snacky Dogs account.


When will I receive my Snacky Pack?

Snacky Packs ship on or around the 15th of each month. Subsciption orders placed after the 7th of the month will generally start the following month. You will receive tracking information once your Snacky Pack has shipped.

What are the shipping fees for Snacky Packs?

Snacky Packs ship 100% free within the US. Shipping costs outside the US will vary by location and will be automatically calculated in the check out process. 

Are Snacky Packs subscriptions available outside North America and Australia?

If you’re outside of, or want to ship outside of these areas please contact us at hello@snackydogs.com and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.


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